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Books by Peggy Browning

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Books by Peggy Browning

The Big 5-0 The Big 5-0 by Peggy Browning

Matilda Mason, has spent her life being who she thought she was supposed to be: obedient daughter, faithful wife, loving mother, loyal friend, and a darn good reporter. As she celebrates her 50th birthday she finds her life in disarray. Her staid and steady life is about to change in big ways: ready or not.

Luckily, plucky Matilda has the gumption and plenty of friends & family to help her weather the storm. It takes some quick tap-dancing to get her out of one scrape after another.

Author Peggy Browning has created a charming cast of characters in this debut novel…people you would swear are living right next door.

Her story line is fast-paced, lively, and down-right funny. Visit with the charming residents of Cambridge, Texas and you’ll long to hear from them again in Moody’s upcoming sequel, Waltzing Matilda.


Book trailer The Big 5-0

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 The View Through My Rose-Colored BifocalsThe View Through My Rose-Colored Bifocals

“Author, Peggy Browning writes not only to those of us who have reached this time in our lives but to those who will be fortunate enough to reach this age. The print book would be a great birthday gift to family members and friends who will or have turned that age. Thanks Peggy for giving us a fun, yet honest look into “aging”. Just reading it made me feel young at heart. I plan to share this with the on-line over fifty group I belong to and encourage them all to put on their rose colored glasses and read this book.”     Amazon Review


Purchase The View Through My Rose-Colored Bifocals. 

Fifty Odd: Viewing Life through Rose-Colored Bifocals

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Well Seasoned by Peggy BrowningWell Seasoned: A Year of Living, Laughing, Loving

Delightful commentary of life at a certain age…as I like to call it. I so related to Ms. Browning’s writing, feeling at times that she is actually writing about my life instead of hers. I particularly enjoyed her search for foundation undergarments…who couldn’t relate to that?!  Amazon Review

Well Seasoned : A Year of Living, Laughing, Loving (book trailer)

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Square Peg’s Words of Wisdom

Square Peg's Words of Wisdom

Square Peg’s Words of Wisdom

Square Peg's Words of Wisdom

Square Peg’s Words of Wisdom

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Book trailer Square Peg’s Words of Wisdom


 Heart & Soul Food by Peggy BrowningHeart & Soul Food

Tales of Food, Friends, & Family

Recipes & Stories by Peggy Browning

Heart & Soul Food: Recipes and Stories to Nourish Your Heart and Soul satisfies the palate and the soul with heart-warming stories and family recipes. Author Peggy Browning combines simple, old-fashioned recipes with short essays related to them. Many of our favorite recipes have emotions and stories attached. Ms. Browning shares her cherished memories of good food, good cooking, and good times. Heart & Soul Food contains recipes for simple, inexpensive, Southern-style comfort food from chicken and dumplings and oven-fried chicken; biscuits and cream gravy; and squash casserole to favorite cookies, cakes and pies.

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Heart & Soul Food



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