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My 1955 name is Peggy. It was #51 in popularity that year. In 2015, I would be named Hailey, which is also #51 in popularity for this year.

About Peggy Browning…

Everything you need to know…and some things you didn’t need to know.

Peggy Browning is a freelance journalist and writer, born and raised in Joy, Texas. She recently moved to Oklahoma (of all places)  and made herself busy exploring this beautiful state.

Peggy earned a bachelor’s degree in education and sociology from Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas. She worked various assignments in public education, starting as a kindergarten teacher at a small rural school and ending as the coordinator of homebound education for Wichita Falls public schools.

Occasionally, Peggy would twist off and leave the teaching profession

Following my dream ... Book Signing at Hastings Book Store 2013

Following my dream … Book Signing at Hastings Book Store 2013

to pursue other interests. She has worked as a social worker for the State of Texas, which is where she learned to swear like a sailor. She built a resume that includes many, many useful skills like placing books on shelves according to the Dewey Decimal System, waiting tables, writing grant proposals for non-profits, mopping floors at a grocery store, growing seedlings at a greenhouse, and being an advocate for people who lack the power to be an advocate for themselves.

Peggy is a practitioner of Reiki and is a Texas Master Naturalist. She attended and graduated from the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Academy.  She was a freelance correspondent for the Times Record News and Clay County Pioneer-Sentinel. She is a contributing writer for and

Peggy Browning

Planting a tree in Costa Rica.

Peggy’s interests include driving around Oklahoma looking at the red-tailed hawks, reading interesting books, shootin’ the breeze with new acquaintances, and learning new things. She especially loves exploring the libraries, museums and thrift stores in every new town she visits.

Peggy is the author of The View Through My Rose-Colored Bifocals, Heart & Soul Food, Square Peg’s Words of Wisdom, and The Big 5-0 all of which are available on in paperback or e-book. In 2012, she started a blog for women over 50.


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