Trump’s American Vision vs. Peggy’s American Vision

Trump’s American Vision Sucks

by Peggy Browning

Trump's American Vision

Trump’s American Vision: Scorched Earth and Fear

Trump’s American Vision leaves me cold. And kind of pissed off.

Of course, everyone who knows me knows that I would never vote for Trump for a seat on the local school board or city council much less for President of the United States of America. Trump’s American Vision is in direct opposition of my own American Vision.

I get it…I know he was the star of a “reality” TV show. He also seems to be a legend in his own mind. He seems unhinged and out of touch with the real world. He is projecting his version of horror-filled scenarios on to the rest of us.

Trump’s American Vision is made of fear. It is based on exclusion, xenophobia, homophobia, economic disaster, racial unrest, terrorism, war, trade inequalities, and dwindling power of the white American male. Have I left out anything that he thinks we should be afraid of?

He’s trying to scare and manipulate the rest of us so we will see America through his fearful crazy-goggles.

I’m not afraid. I never have been. I don’t think I ever will be.

I don’t rely on National Enquirer for my information. And I have no respect for the opinion of someone who does. I have no respect for conspiracy theories and rumors. I don’t base my opinions on what someone else spouts off. I like to investigate and learn the truth on my own. I like to see for myself just what is happening.

Trump’s American Vision is to “make America great again.”

Donnie and I obviously don’t live in the same America. I like mine best. I think Trump should get out more…you know…see the real America.

My vision is that America is already great and that it will continue to be great if we do not give in to fear of change. America is in a period of change and growth right now. I believe we will come out of this period stronger and better than ever before.

My vision is based upon experience and knowledge from the past.  My confidence is based upon what I have observed this spring and summer.

Blue Skies

My American Vision: Blue Skies, Verdant Fields, and Confidence.


I’ve been watching the Oklahoma legislature during the second session of 2015-2016. The Oklahoma state budget was in a shambles (and still is). Deep cuts were made to essential services that improve the lives of Oklahoma citizens. Education, state parks, human services, medical care, disability payments…all these vital services were cut to the bone. The shortfall in money was not due to the falling oil prices or to lack of stewardship by the various agencies. It was due to the short-sighted partisanship of the governing body.

So what happened? Exactly what you would expect would happen in an America that is great. People said…No, this is not right and we will change this. Record numbers of new candidates filed for offices in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives and Senate. They spoke up about the unfair distribution of ad valorem taxes for school districts. They went to the State Capitol and talked to their congressmen and they successfully passed bills that had been on the books for years…like autism insurance reform. They stopped bills that discriminated against the LGBT community.

No riots or other hub-bub occurred. But change is coming to Oklahoma and it’s coming through the use of our consciences and our votes. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be done.

America is already great.

This summer I worked as an Americorps/VISTA volunteer for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. I had the privilege to travel all over western Oklahoma monitoring summer feeding programs for children ages infant – 18 years old.

And you know what I saw as I traveled from small town to small town? I saw dedicated, caring people who were concerned and DOING SOMETHING for their communities. They weren’t merely feeding children. They were feeding their spirits as well.

I saw people working together to make sure their children were provided for and that their futures were secure. I saw kindness and generosity everywhere I went.

I saw that the system…and the people…are working and keeping America great.

And yes, I saw blue spacious skies and golden fields of wheat. I saw the red Gloss Mountains and the Little Sahara sand dunes.  But mostly I saw that America is great…that America is working…that America is beautiful.

I believe that my American Vision…in direct contrast to Trump’s American Vision… is the correct one. I believe that our home of the free and the brave is still great and we have nothing to fear.

(Unless, of course, Trump is elected without my vote. If that happens, I will be afraid, very very afraid.)


Public School Transgender Bathroom Policies and Real Life Consequences

Public School Transgender Bathroom Policies and Real Life Consequences


By Peggy Browning


Transgender bathroom policies have real life consequences.

I need to pee. Where can I go? Not here, not there, not anywhere.
Public School Transgender bathroom policies have real life consequences.

Please allow me a few minutes of your time to tell you about the real life consequences of public school transgender bathroom policies.

I taught for 16 years in Texas public schools. The last two years were spent as home-bound education coordinator for a school system with an enrollment of 14,000+ students.  My job was to teach students who were unable to attend school due to health reasons including cancer, mononucleosis, surgery, broken bones, bone marrow transplants, mental health issues, and various other causes. A physician prescribed placement to home-bound instruction if the illness was determined to impede the student’s ability to attend school on campus.

In 2010, the Texas Education Agency allowed students up to four hours per week of home-bound instruction. A teacher goes to the student’s home or to an appointed meeting place and provides four hours of direct instruction. Usually that instruction time was divided in two 2-hour periods two times per week.

It is the home-bound teacher’s responsibility to gather all work from other teachers and the child’s campus and help the student do the assigned work. The teacher then acts as a liaison between the campus and the student and returns the work, etc. to the original teacher who then grades and records the result and assigns grades for the time period whether it is a semester, a six weeks period, nine weeks or whatever.

So…a student was assigned to me for home-bound services. A junior high student…with problems other than physical ailments. This student was transgender and was causing a kerfuffle about using the restroom.

The student, who I will call Charlie, had other issues, like an un-diagnosed learning disability, anxiety, and being a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Those issues alone were enough to create problems for the kid. Unfortunately, lots of kids have those same issues.

However, the one issue that set Charlie apart and adrift from the public school system was being transgender.

Public School Transgender Bathroom Policies

Public School Transgender bathroom policies

Charlie wore skirts, cute shoes, make-up and had a really cute hair-do. (Image purchased from


Charlie was in 8th grade and wore skirts, cute shoes, and make-up and had a great hair-do. Charlie identified in every way as a female, except one: genitalia.  Charlie had a penis, so was expected to use the boys’ restroom.

And that, along with other things, caused a shit storm at the junior high.

Charlie was assigned to the special school for emotionally disturbed kids where students received counseling and attended small classes with specially trained teachers. But Charlie couldn’t stay there forever due to funding and insurance and budget cuts and all that stuff.

And Charlie couldn’t return to the junior high campus because the tide had already turned there and Charlie wasn’t really welcome any more. There were too many problems with bullying and bathrooms and dress code violations.



So, Charlie became my student and we had a great time twice a week trying to learn basic geometry and the fricking Pythagorean theorem. We didn’t get a lot of work done, but we talked a lot about life. And about being different. And about being OK with yourself. And about God loving you for who you are…because if you believe in God, you have to believe that God made you that way.

And if you believe only in DNA, then you have to believe your DNA made you that way. Either way, you have to accept yourself whether other people accept you or not.

But here is another major issue that Charlie and I faced…

You don’t get a lot of education in four hours per week… even with a fantastic teacher like me. 


The Consequences of Public School Transgender Bathroom Policies

The consequences of the public school transgender bathroom policies brouhaha at the school district resulted in Charlie basically being denied a FAPE … a Free Appropriate Public Education, which is the legal right of every student who is attending a public school in every single state in the United States.

That is the law. That is Title IX. That is the legal right of every public school student.

So, school districts across ‘Mureca…get your act together and decide how everyone on campus can use the bathroom in peace and harmony.

It is your legal obligation to provide the Free Appropriate Public Education that is due each and every child no matter whether they sit down or stand up to pee.

And while you’re looking at those requirements, you need to examine the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, too. No matter how you classify a student, everyone has the right to use the restroom at school.

And for my dear friend and lovely human being, Charlie…this one is just for you. I believe that United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch is looking out for your best interests.

Trump, Manipulation, and Situationism

Trump, Manipulation, and Situationism*.

by Peggy Browning

I find it hard to believe that I'm seeing live experiments on human behavior when I watch the news. stockimages/

I find it hard to believe that I’m seeing live experiments on human behavior when I watch the news.

Trump, manipulation, and situationism. Months ago I swore I would not watch anything associated with Donald Trump again. I would eschew all cable news and watch only PBS news with Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill. I would hear all the other things that were happening in the world besides an over-grown bully polluting the air with his 4th grade level taunts.
But…Friday evening I was at my news-watching, MSNBC loving friend’s house and she was watching the 6:00 p.m. edition of all things Trump. We ate pizza and watched as Chris Matthews narrated the debacle at the University of Illinois in Chicago.
My friend saw a “riot” created by D. Trump. I saw the beginning of the consequences of a long experiment in social psychology that could have been conducted by Stanley Milgram or Philip Zimbardo.
Trump could easily be using the transcripts from Milgram’s or Zimbardo’s experiments. He is using the techniques administered during their experiments.
I hope all the people who were used as guineas pigs in Trump’s mass manipulation of human response were properly debriefed after the big experiment was conducted on them. Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s participants were de-briefed, and even then they suffered some lingering effects from professionally monitored experiments.
Trump probably never intended to have a rally in Chicago. He was merely performing another experiment in how to make a Good American. He had lots of willing subjects. He used them stage his own little private coup d’etat.

Manipulation and Situationism*

Here’s how the manipulation works:

Make people afraid.
• the world is a terrible place,
• there has never been unemployment this high
• we are assaulted by terrorists on every side.

Make other people scapegoats. Belittle and demonize everyone and everything not attached to you.
• the Latinos are taking our jobs,
• the blacks are lazy,
• the Muslims hate us and will kill us,
• the gay people will kill marriage as we know it,
• the women will expect equal pay.
Create cognitive dissonance.
• I am a good person.
• I fear Latinos, blacks, Muslims, gays, and women.
• Therefore there must be something wrong with them or else I would not fear them.
• I’m OK; they’re NOT OK.
Put value on allegiance to the proposed program or person. Research shows that anything we give up something for, we place a higher value on.
• Call people, programs, political parties winners and losers.
• Claim to be a winner.
• Cultivate a culture where only the people who agree with you are winners.
• Issue more tickets to a rally than the venue holds; make people wait hours to get in; have them pledge support to the candidate to get in.
• When someone actually gets in to a rally, that makes them one of the “lucky ones, a winner”.

Put people in a situation where they gave up something to be there.
• Maybe they waited in line for hours, scored a seat in the over-crowded auditorium, traveled a long distance to attend.
• Pretend to have a problem in the highly controlled environment.
• Allow some people from the scapegoat category to come in.
• Create an atmosphere of “situationism.”

Make yourself appear even more valuable and wise so followers identify with you and

Dump Trump and Cable News

Image: ikpro/

build allegiance to you.
• Cancel the rally due to concerns of safety. Lie about your contact with city officials.
• Say “go in peace.”
• Accuse the demonstrators you allowed in of being paid agitators.
• Encourage people who want to be “winners” to go ahead and beat the shit out of anyone they think are “losers.”
• Say “I don’t know what happened. I like people. These people must be bad and they have something against me. I don’t know why they don’t like me, I am just a successful billionaire trying to make America great again.”
Apply technique and repeat.

Each time, more good people follow blindly along, believing they are right and others are wrong, denying their wrong-doing and wrong-thinking, and proving they are “winners.”
That’s how good Germans, good soldiers at Abu Ghraib, good Isis suicide bombers and “good Americans” are made.

*Situationism: Though the term didn’t exist at the time, Milgram was a proponent of what today’s social psychologists call situationism: the idea that people’s behavior is determined largely by what’s happening around them. “They’re not psychopaths, and they’re not hostile, and they’re not aggressive or deranged. They’re just people, like you and me,” Miller said. “If you put us in certain situations, we’re more likely to be racist or sexist, or we may lie, or we may cheat. There are studies that show this, thousands and thousands of studies that document the many unsavory aspects of most people.”
But continued to its logical extreme, situationism “has an exonerating effect,” he said. “In the minds of a lot of people, it tends to excuse the bad behavior … it’s not the person’s fault for doing the bad thing, it’s the situation they were put in.” Milgram’s studies were famous because their implications were also devastating: If the Nazis were just following orders, then he had proved that anyone at all could be a Nazi. If the guards at Abu Ghraib were just following orders, then anyone was capable of torture.
The latter, Reicher said, is part of why interest in Milgram’s work has seen a resurgence in recent years. “If you look at acts of human atrocity, they’ve hardly diminished over time,” he said, and news of the abuse at Abu Ghraib was surfacing around the same time that Yale’s archival material was digitized, a perfect storm of encouragement for scholars to turn their attention once again to the question of what causes evil.

Oklahoma Senate Votes to Suspend Licenses of Abortion Doctors

Pregnancy, pregnant


Senate OKs plan to suspend licenses of abortion doctors | Oklahoma City – OKC –


Any physician who performs an abortion would be unable to obtain a license to practice medicine in Oklahoma under a measure the state Senate approved overwhelmingly Tuesday over the objection of some Democrats who insisted the measure is unconstitutional.

Source: Senate OKs plan to suspend licenses of abortion doctors | Oklahoma City – OKC –


What do you think of this?

Please tell me what your opinion or deeply held belief is about this. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Or somewhere in between?

What effect do  you think this law passed in Oklahoma yesterday will have on abortion? Do you think this is unconstitutional? Will it go to the Supreme Court?

Does the government of Oklahoma, which has declared a revenue failure twice in the last 3 months, have time to work on this law? Or should the legislature be working on how to solve the budget crisis which is putting its schools and prisons in financial failure?

Your opinions are welcome in the comment section. Please be civil when expressing your opinion.

Thank you. Peggy

Rev. Robert Palladino, Apple Fonts, Steve Jobs and Me

Father Palladino was a world-renowned master of calligraphy who taught Steve Jobs the importance — and aesthetics — of scripts.

Source: Rev. Robert Palladino, Scribe Who Shaped Apple’s Fonts, Dies at 83 – The New York Times

How Apple Fonts, Steve Jobs, and ultimately Rev. Robert Palladino saved me…



Apple Fonts

I am a word nerd, a font fan. Thank you, Rev. Robert Pallidino, Apple fonts and Steve Jobs.

I have to confess that I am a cursive handwriting, calligraphy, and Apple font nerd. I am irrationally fond of all things that concern ways to make beautiful words.

Fonts inspired me to go for it…to follow a dream…to love what I love and accept that I am meant to work at a different career than what I have previously pursued. I know that sounds crazy. But we all get our inspiration from different things. I got mine from typeset.

How Apple Fonts, Steve Jobs, and ultimately Rev. Robert Palladino saved me…

Here’s a short version of a very long story. In 2011 I had a job that I despised. I got so sick that I couldn’t work…because I hated my damn job so much. So I took some sick time to decide what I was going to do. It was a hard decision…should I just suck it up and go back to that totally shitty job? It was the best paying job I’d ever had…benefits, dental insurance, burial insurance. I was pretty sure I was going to need that burial insurance if I continued working there.

It was nice day in October, I was at home on FMLA. Steve Jobs had just died from pancreatic cancer and I was watching coverage of it.  One of the news stations was playing a graduation speech that he had given at a college graduation. He told a story about going to college and hating every minute of it. So he took a calligraphy class and he loved it. He said that he didn’t finish college, but he stayed interested in the beautiful work of calligraphy and that’s where the Apple fonts originated. And he talked about the importance of doing what you love. And we all know what Steve Jobs accomplished, like him or not.

I sobbed as I listened to his commencement speech. I was 56 years old and I was starting completely over. I knew I wasn’t ever going back to my shitty job. I was determined to follow my heart and find the path I had strayed from so many, many years before. And that’s what I’m doing now.

All because Steve Jobs skipped out on his college courses and took a calligraphy class from Father Palladino instead. For that, guys…you have my undying gratitude.


Father Palladino was a world-renowned master of calligraphy who taught Steve Jobs the importance — and aesthetics — of scripts.

Source: Rev. Robert Palladino, Scribe Who Shaped Apple’s Fonts, Dies at 83 – The New York Times

Dump Trump and Cable News

Dump Trump & Cable News

by Peggy Browning


Dump Trump and Cable News

Image: ikpro/

I am so sick of hearing about Donald Trump that I could spew green vomit and twist my head around a full 360 degrees.  It’s time to dump Trump. I have to dump cable news coverage too.

I never supported this obnoxious, dangerous fool, but I admit I did listen because it was appalling that he just kept on being more and more outrageous. I suspect that is why cable news shows continue to report on his god-awful stunts…because they have high ratings from people watching and saying…”Oh, dear god. What will he come up with next?”

But no more for me. I’m done. I can’t do this for another eleven months. Or even three months until Super Tuesday.

I am a news junkie. I watched Walter Cronkite on the CBS Evening News when I was just a little girl. I remember when Dan Rather reported from battlegrounds in Vietnam.  I respect real news and ethical news reporting.  I wrote my own first news article about Walt Disney’s death when I was in the 5th grade, for Pete’s sake.

Last night I went to sleep with MSNBC still on the air. I dozed off while listening to Rachel Maddow and even though I roused a few times in the night, I couldn’t get it together enough to click the remote and change to re-runs of Law & Order.

I woke up this morning with my bedroom air all afoul with news people talking about that orange-haired buffoon and all the ugly things he says about everybody and everything. This was NOT how I wanted to start my day.

So I DID click the remote until I found Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then I sang the Hot-Diggity-Dog song and danced the Hot-Diggity-Dog dance. That is a very good way to start the day.

So here is what I have decided… I am no longer watching anything that allows orange haired obnoxious people to spout mean words and aggravate the hell out of me and everybody else. I had enough of that stuff when I was in junior high and Joe Don Scroggins picked at me and all the other kids.

I don’t hang out with obnoxious people. I don’t invite obnoxious people to visit in my home. I have even quit jobs because I couldn’t stand to work with the obnoxious people I was supposed to work with. So why should I allow them in my bedroom via TV?

On this day, January 14, 2016, I hereby dump Trump and all “news” related to him. I dump all cable TV news shows. I will watch only PBS nightly news to get my information from Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill because they actually report news and they do it in a sane, calm manner. I will watch Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose to hear commentary and interviews. I will continue to watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert because I like Stephen Colbert and he has some very interesting people on his show. Plus he is on CBS, not 24 hour cable TV.

I would give anything to hear Eric Sevareid  give just one more news commentary about any subject.

But no more of this bull hockey from cable news. I’m done. When they start doing a better job of reporting actual news, I will consider coming back to the fold.  If they should ever dump Trump and stop reporting gossip and BS, I could watch them again.

But for now, not even Anderson Cooper can entice me to watch.

Watch Don Lemon interview Tavis Smiley. 



What Were You Doing in 1968?

What Were You Doing in 1968?

by Peggy Browning

what were you doing in 1968?

Walter Cronkite reporting on the Vietnam War. I watched CBS Evening News every evening when I was a kid.

I rang up the young man’s purchases at the check-out counter of the store where I presently work. The total was $19.68. He said…”Hmmm…1968. What were you doing in 1968?” So, although a couple of other customers waited in line behind him, I told the young’un what I was doing in 1968.

I was twelve years old in 1968. Well…I was twelve most of the year. My birthday is October 6 and I turned thirteen then. I don’t remember much about the first part of 1968, but I do remember watching in horror and fear as the report of Martin Luther King’s assassination came in on April 6, 1968.The name of James Earl Ray is etched in my memory.

In 1968, the United States was in upheaval on many levels. The Vietnam War was escalating…My Lai massacre, the Tet Offensive… The Civil Rights Act was passed and signed. The assassinations of MLK and Robert F. Kennedy left us stunned. President  Johnson announced he would not run for another term.Young men burned their draft cards. Young women burned their bras. The Black Panthers began their rise to power.Mayhem ensued and worried everyone, me included…even though I was just a little girl.

I continued to do little girl activities. But I still worried.

In the midst of all the turmoil our country was experiencing, I spent my summer days shelling black-eyed peas and shucking corn from my Mama’s garden. I caught grasshoppers and used them for bait when I went fishing with my Aunt Fern. I wandered down to the pasture, climbed my favorite tree, and daydreamed.

Monday through Saturday, I walked barefoot down the dirt lane to the highway to get the mail. I read the newspaper daily. One of the most exciting days of summer was when the Sears and Montgomery Ward Christmas catalogs were delivered. After that I occupied my time looking at the toys I wanted for Christmas.

I was allowed to check out books at the Edwards Public Library when we drove to Henrietta to buy more baling wire or rake teeth so Daddy could continue baling the summer hay crop. My favorite section of the library was the biographies in the youth section. I read about Ernie Pyle, Kit Carson, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, and Daniel Boone. Sometimes I was allowed to spend 59 cents to buy a hardback book from the Donna Parker series.

I also watched a lot of television.

I watched the CBS Evening News every evening and listened as Walter Cronkite delivered the news that had happened that day. I watched the news reports of the assassinations of Martin Luther King (April 6) and Bobby Kennedy (June 6). I watched reports about the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement.

Weekdays at noon, I watched “As the World Turns” and on Saturday evenings, I watched “Gunsmoke” with my Daddy. Sunday nights we watched Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and Bonanza. That was my TV entertainment.

what were you doing in 1968I watched the Republican and Democrat conventions where Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew were selected to run against Hubert Humphrey and Edmond Muskie. I watched as the Democratic National Convention was interrupted by riots and demonstrations. And in November 1968 I watched the election returns. Nixon and Agnew won, of course. (Six years later I would watch as Nixon resigned. I remember his wave good-bye after his administration imploded.)

Later in 1968, during the Christmas break from school, I watched Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders orbit the moon in Apollo 8 for twenty hours as they looked for potential landing sites for Apollo 9. I watched the splashdown in the Pacific on December 28.

So that’s what I was doing in 1968.

What were you doing in 1968?

County Clerks and Same-Sex Marriage

County Clerks and Same-Sex Marriage

Are you wondering what the official duties of your county clerk are regarding the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses? 


My brilliant friend, Lisa Moreau interviewed the County Clerk of Clay County, Texas regarding the duties of elected officials regarding orders from the Supreme Court, federal laws, and state laws. Here are the facts about those duties: 

I think facts always trump opinion. That is, of course, just my opinion.

I like to know rules. I don’t always follow them, but I like to know them just the same.

When I take a job, I always want to know what my duties are. Right now, I work at an ice cream/grocery store. ( I also write books, but while I’m waiting for my Big Break, I’m working as a clerk selling ice cream, bacon, milk, know…for money)

My duties as a clerk at the ice cream/grocery store are written down in the store’s manual. I am supposed to greet the customer. I am supposed to ring a bell for help if more than two customers are in line because the store policy promises fast and speedy service. I am supposed to correctly calculate how much the customer owes for their purchase, then I am supposed to take their money and give them correct change if it is due. I am required to say “thank you” and to act as if what each customer says to me is highly important.

My other duties include mopping the milk room, sweeping and mopping the floors, wiping the counter tops, helping customers find their favorite flavor of ice cream or lunchmeat, cleaning tables, replacing straws in the straw dispenser, stocking the shelves, and other duties determined by the store manager.

Let me just say that one of the things I dislike most about my job is acting like what the customer says is important to me. Most of the time, I really don’t care. But I try to act like I do….because the manual didn’t say I actually had to care…it only said I had to ACT like I do. Big difference, opinion.

My boss could ask me to relinquish my job if I refused to do any of my duties. Let’s just say…if I was Jewish and refused to sell bacon to you because of my religious beliefs or if I was Seventh Day Adventist and refused to sell you wieners for your Labor Day hot dog bash because my religious beliefs dictate that I be a vegetarian…your right to buy those items trumps my religious belief that you should not partake of those activities. I would be fired and my boss would sell you whatever you wanted.

And that is a fact.


Dear God : Could You Repeat That Please?

Dear God : Excuse Me for not Listening

Dear God

Oh, dear God.
image by Stuart Miles/


Dear God:

Thank you for your Word. (I believe it was made flesh at one time, wasn’t it?) Thank You for talking to us, your children. Having said that, I have a few requests for more direct communication.

Please stop talking to stupid people. Or if you can’t stop talking to them, please stop joking with them about running for President of the United States. You and I both know that you’re just kidding…but they are taking you seriously. SMH.

Please tell the Duggars to get off TV and stop being dumbasses. Well, okay…they probably can’t even begin to stop being dumbasses, but could you please tell them to get off TV? And the internet? And the radio? And the newspapers? And all the gossip rags? Speaking of talking too much…oh, man! They do it to excess! You know what I mean.

Please tell Rick Santorum that the Pope IS a scientist and Rick is not.

Please tell people to stop feigning surprise about Bill Cosby being accused of not being a person of integrity even though he played one on TV. And remind them that this is not a new thing…David harassed and coerced Bathsheba. Emphasize to women that we still need to be on guard even though we shouldn’t have to be.

And about Bruce/Caitlyn… oh, what’s that you said? Don’t even go there? Okay. I’ll just shut up and let you handle this one.

Oh, and another thing…would you tell those prosperity preachers to spread it around? It seems they don’t much believe in the fishes and loaves thing where all the people were fed by the abundance given by YOU. They keep the money and spend it on private jets and such. They are manna from heaven hogs.

Oh dear God, we are so ridiculous!

Could you remind us of what is important and give us a little kick in the behind to get us back on track about taking care of our children, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked (including Miley Cyrus and Rihanna), giving shelter to those without it, being kind, speaking encouragement, and loving each other? It seems we’ve forgotten. We need a reminder.

Oh, and speaking of reminders…could you remind me to take care of my own business before butting in on everybody else’s business? You remember what I’m talking about, right? That thing about being all atwitter over the splinter in my neighbor’s eye when I’ve got a whole stinking log in my own eye? Just a sticky note on the fridge will do.

While you’re at it…would you mind putting sticky notes about that on other people’s refrigerators? They keep forgetting it, too.

We’re not very good listeners. We have selective hearing. We hear only what benefits us and we cherry-pick what you’ve told us time and again to prove our own points. We’re ridiculous, I know.

And yet You keep on talking to us…my dear God, you are patient.

Well, got to run…TTYL.

Love ya,



Al Sharpton: Callers believe Texas floods were God’s punishment – Houston Chronicle

Al Sharpton does not believe the Texas floods were God’s rebuke to Texas.

On his radio show, Keepin’ It Real, people called in to comment on the Texas floods. Many of the callers voiced their opinion that the flooding was God’s rebuke to us due to homosexuality, gay marriage, and everything gay. Other callers opined that the flooding is due to climate change. Some even blamed it on weather cycles (imagine that!)

One of the producers of Keepin’ It Real, tweeted the question…do you think the Texas floods are God’s rebuke for sin? The producer tweeted it on @TheRevAl. Here’s the actual tweet:

Reverend Al Sharpton ‏@TheRevAl May 27

#KeepingItReal QOTD: Do you think the #TexasFlooding is related to climate control or God’s rebuke?Call 8775325797 or tweet me your thoughts.

Here’s some more tweets from Reverend Al:

Reverend Al Sharpton ‏@TheRevAl May 28

#KeepingItReal QOTD: Is there an affordable housing crisis in your city? If so, what should be done about it? To call in, dial 18775325797

Reverend Al Sharpton ‏@TheRevAl 8h8 hours ago

It’s #ExhaleFriday on my #KeepingItReal radio show & we are discussing #CharleneCooks#BreloVerdict#PatriotAct & more.Open Line:18775325797

These tweets are just asking people to interact with him on his radio show…just like the tweet about Texas flooding did. They don’t sound menacing or accusing, do they? And neither does the other tweet.

No. He is not accusing God of punishing Texas for so-called sins. I know Reverend Al Sharpton is not everyone’s favorite person. He’s confrontational and that makes some folks angry. He’s annoying and  irksome to people who don’t like him. But he’s not an evangelical blame placer.

Here’s the link to the MSNBC broadcast where Sharpton reported about the Texas floods. I don’t see any blaming and baiting here. And neither will you.


OK, Texans and everybody else…just simmer down. Listen to the radio show. Watch Reverend Al on MSNBC. Read his tweets. But, dadgum it, don’t go all crazy about something that has been taken out of context in the first place.

P.S. You don’t really think that celebrities and other people in the limelight actually write their own tweets and facebook posts, do you? That’s why they have assistants.

Please read the article from the Houston Chronicle that I’ve PRESSED and shared here. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Peggy Browning


Why did the heavens drown parts of Texas with their watery wrath? The Reverend Al Sharpton suggested it’s a punishment from God-that “we’ve done it to ourselves.”

Source: Al Sharpton: Callers believe Texas floods were God’s punishment – Houston Chronicle