Wichita Falls Artists open Exhibition in Graham, Texas

Wichita Falls Artists open a new show in Graham

Wichita FAlls artists

Wichita Falls artists Mike Fiore, Torin Halsey, Mark Moody, & Ben Jacobi opened a new photography exhibit at OPOMAC in Graham, July 7. The exhibit runs through July 31.


Four Wichita Falls artists will display their photographic works in a new exhibit at the Old Post Office Museum & Art Center in Graham, Texas

Artists Mike Fiore, Torin HalseyBen Jacobi,and Mark Moody,   (The Image Cooperative) were honored with a reception on Friday, July 7, 2017  at the OPOMAC. Their exhibit will run through July 31.

I spoke this week with Wichita Falls artists Torin Halsey and Ben Jacobi about their creative process and what inspires them.

Wichita Falls Artists: Torin Halsey

Wichita Falls Artists Torin Halsey

Torin Halsey with his display of work at Wichita Falls Art & Soul Festival

“Born and raised in Wichita Falls, I became interested in photography shortly after graduating from high school. In the beginning, it was a really interesting hobby for me and I read everything I could get my hands on about photography. A few years later, I received an internship with the newspaper’s photojournalism department by winning a local photo contest and eventually became a staff photographer.

In 1984, I started my photography business, Photos by Torin, doing wedding photography, family portraits and children’s portraiture. I have attended numerous seminars, workshops and classes at the Texas School of Professional Photography over the years, taught Continuing Education photography classes at Vernon College and have been a guest lecturer at Midwestern State University.

Wichita Falls Artists Torin Halsey

Vulture tree by Torin Halsey



In recent years, my interests have grown to include art photography. I thoroughly enjoy exploring and photographing old buildings, abandoned farmhouses and back alleys and I’m just generally drawn to things that are old, worn, cracked and decaying. I photograph these old things and I feel a connection to the passage of time. I love to create a beautiful image of something or someplace others have discarded or given up on.



I use a pretty standard process for the printing of my art photography, I have them printed at a professional lab in Dallas.They’re analyzed and printed them mounted on a backerboard for rigidity and sprayed to resist UV rays.


As for subject matter, I’m drawn to almost anything that looks like its best days are far behind it.

Wichita Falls Artists Torin Halsey

Blue Doors by Torin Halsey

I try to find beauty in the broken. Old barns, trucks, dead trees, peeling paint, old doors and windows appeal to me.

I have started building my own frames about a year ago using reclaimed lumber. It’s very rustic with lots of scars, so it really compliments my style of photography.

I have two styles. One is slats of wood assembled on a diagonal as a panel with the print mounted on the surface of it. The second is slightly more traditional with wide frame piece with mitered corners, then I fabricated metal corner pieces in black to accent the whole piece.

Ben has some great photos. And Mark and Mike, as well. I feel confident exhibiting with those guys, I think we have similar interests in subject matter but different approaches and styles.”


Wichita Falls Artists: Ben Jacobi


Wichita Falls Artists Ben Jacobi

Ben Jacobi is a self-taught photographer


Ben Jacobi is a nature photographer and storm chaser from North Texas.  Ben first became interested in severe weather growing up in Iowa Park Texas—right in the heart of Tornado Alley. In2009 when he was 20 years old, he chased his first storm.  Ben is inspired by the power and majesty o fthe thunderstorms.

On his own, he has studied Meteorology to enhance his knowledge of how thunderstorms evolve and behave.  Each year he drives hundreds of miles across the southern plains pursuing dramatic supercells.

Jacobi is a self-taught photographer who learned his craft through reading books, magazines,internet articles, and experimentation. His work has appeared in galleries around Texas including Amarillo, Wichita Falls, and Breckenridge. He has had his work published in Nature’s BestPhotography Magazine and the Wichita Falls Literature and Art Review.


“My photography is capturing that elusive moment in nature when light, shade, color, contrast and subject all come

Wichita Falls artists

Lightning by Ben Jacobi

together in a harmonious display. This fusion, captured in a second, is what fuels my passion for the art.


As a nature photographer, I feel it is my purpose to document the majesty and mystery of creation. Towards that end, I strive to create images that inspire and resonate. I am especially fascinated by dramatic thunderstorms and the infinite cosmos. I enjoy the challenge of the pursuit and then capturing the final result.


Wichita Falls artists


“Nature can be unpredictable, so the task demands planning and perseverance. Sometimes this means strategizing the safest and fastest route to circumvent the storm, or camping under a canopy of uncountable stars to capture that image—the unforgettable shot. The photograph starts before I press the shutter.”


Wichita Falls Artists

The Old Post Office Museum and Art Center in Graham was a working post office in Graham.
Ground breaking for the Graham Post office took place on October 15, 1935, as a project of the WPA, and opened on May 28, 1936. The project was completed in 225 days at a cost of $62,000. Spencer Boyd Street was appointed as the first postmaster.
In 1993, the Graham Post Office was moved to a new location in the downtown square, and the building was purchased by the City of Graham. The Old Post Office Museum & Art Center opened its doors on October 2, 2002, in conjunction with the Texas Cattle Raisers Association’s 125th birthday celebration, held on the lawn of the Young County Courthouse. (Courtesy of OPOMAC)